Is Zaragoza good for expats? (2024)

Is Zaragoza good for expats?

It's a safe and affordable city and well situated for exploring other parts of the country. Many expatriates also move to Zaragoza to work or study at the world renowned university.

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Is Zaragoza a good place to live?

High quality of life at an accessible price

One of the main advantages of living in Zaragoza compared to living in other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona lies in the fact that Zaragoza offers a high standard of living at a more affordable cost.

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What are the benefits of living in Zaragoza?

One of the best things about living in Zaragoza is the rich culture and history of the city. From the stunning architecture to the delicious food, there's so much to explore and appreciate. Take advantage of local festivals and events, visit museums and historical sites, and try new foods and drinks.

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How expensive is it to live in Zaragoza?

List of prices in Zaragoza Current as of Dec 2023.
FoodUpdate prices
Bread for 2 people for 1 day€1.09
HousingUpdate prices
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in expensive area€897
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area€657
56 more rows

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Do they speak Spanish in Zaragoza?

The main language throughout the province is Spanish (with official status), although Catalan is spoken in the easternmost part (Bajo Aragón-Caspe comarca and Mequinenza municipality).

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What is the crime rate in Zaragoza?

In 2021, the rate of crime prevalence in Coahuila de Zaragoza decreased by 0.6 thousand people per 100,000 inhabitants (-2.91 percent) since 2020. In total, the rate declined to 20.08 thousand people per 100,000 inhabitants in 2021.

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What is special about Zaragoza Spain?

Zaragoza is a monumental historical heritage site. The heritage of its four ancestral cultures flourishes in its streets. Its main attraction, the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar, is the symbol of the city and Zaragoza's second cathedral.

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What are the disadvantages of living in Spain?

The good climate, rich culture and history, delicious food and relaxed lifestyle make it an attractive destination for many people. However, the bureaucracy and red tape, high unemployment rate, language barrier, slow Internet, and noise and crowds can be drawbacks.

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What town in Spain pays you to live there?

You're not the only one thinking of escaping to somewhere far, far away – and now a quaint town in Spain is willing to pay you thousands to do so. The adorable small town of Ponga in Spain's northern mountains is prepared to pay £2,600 (€2,970, $3,244) to every person that moves over.

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Is Zaragoza a safe place?

Zaragoza, much like the rest of Spain, is generally safe for travelers. Petty crimes such as pickpocketing or purse-snatching can happen, especially in crowded tourist areas or on public transportation, but are not as prevalent compared to other tourist-heavy cities.

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How cold does it get in Zaragoza Spain?

The average temperature of the coldest months (January, December) is of 7 °C (45 °F), that of the warmest months (July, August) is of 25.5 °C (78 °F). Here are the average temperatures. Precipitation amounts to 330 millimeters (13 inches) per year: it is therefore scarce.

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Is it expensive to live in Spain as an expat?

On average, the cost of living in Spain is 123% cheaper than in the USA. The biggest differences in cost are in rent, utilities, groceries, daycare, and health insurance.

Is Zaragoza good for expats? (2024)
How much money do you need to live comfortable in Spain?

To live comfortably in Spain, a single person might need around €1,200 to €1,500 per month, covering all basic expenses including rent, groceries, and social security contributions. The cost of living in Spain for a family would naturally be higher, depending on the size of the family and lifestyle choices.

What food is Zaragoza known for?

Zaragoza's signature cured meats include Teruel ham, longaniza (a Spanish chorizo) and fardeles, a sausage made from pig's liver. Spanish ham has an excellent reputation and can be eaten sliced straight from the oven for even greater culinary delight.

Where is the purest Spanish spoken in Spain?

The question of where the "purest" Spanish is spoken is subjective and can vary depending on personal opinions and linguistic perspectives. However, many people consider the Spanish spoken in the region of Castile in Spain to be the closest to the standard or "pure" form of the language.

What is the demographics of Zaragoza?

The total population of Zaragoza in 2020 was 27,386 inhabitants, with 50.8% woman, and 49.2% men.

Is Zaragoza a small city?

Zaragoza is a medium-size city in the autonomous community of Aragon with around 700,000 people midway between Madrid in central Spain and Barcelona on the east coast.

What city in Spain has the lowest crime rate?

1. Granada. The number one safest city for expats to live in is the Andalucian city of Granada. It's home to the famous UNESCO world heritage site the Alhambra, an Islamic fortress that towers over the city.

Is Zaragoza a small town?

On 1 January 2021, the population of the municipality of Zaragoza was 675,301, (as of 2023, the fourth or fifth most populous in Spain) on a land area of 973.78 square kilometres (375.98 square miles).

How many days in Zaragoza is enough?

3 nights, so 2 full days, can be ideal if you are willing to visit all the main sights and museums and allow enough time to wander leisurely around the old town.

Is it worth going to Zaragoza?

Because this city in Spain's north has so much going for it. The city of Zaragoza is in the Aragon region in northeast Spain, a gentler part of the country that too many people dismiss or bypass. But Aragon is actually quite intriguing and full of history, and like Zaragoza, is definitely worth visiting.

What does Zaragoza mean in English?

Definitions of Zaragoza. an ancient city on the Ebro River in northeastern Spain; formerly the capital of Aragon. synonyms: Saragossa. example of: city, metropolis, urban center. a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts.

Why are expats leaving Spain?

The new residency rules, uncertainty around healthcare, tightening financial situations, and job market difficulties are just a few of the problems they face. These issues have transformed what was once an ideal expat experience into a situation filled with red tape and cultural hurdles.

Is Spain a good place for American expats?

Living in Spain as an expat is an intriguing and enriching experience due to its relaxing lifestyle, lovely weather, delicious cuisine, and rich culture. Spanish people are typically polite and hospitable, making it simple to feel at ease.

Is retiring to Spain a good idea?

Spain is a popular destination for retirees because it offers a combination of warm weather, a relaxed lifestyle, and a relatively low cost of living. The country also has a strong healthcare system and a rich cultural heritage.

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